Hello, I'm Brenda Lucian...

...I've been studying relationships formally for more than 10 years, and have been learning lessons from my own relationships my whole life. Most people don't recognize that HOW relationships affect us is our choice. We can choose, and we can use, every aspect of our relationships to learn more about who we are, and to grow and mature into our best selves. After having studied many relationship programs, Conscious Uncoupling resonated most with my own philosophy.  In 2015, I completed the process to become a Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, personally trained and mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas MA, MFT, the creator of Conscious Uncoupling. It's been my privilege to use this powerful program to help individuals to better navigate a break up.


My Approach...

My approach is to guide people through the breakup process in the kindest way possible, creating the space and conditions to allow their hearts to heal so that everyone wins, including children, if there are any involved.

People who benefit most from working with me are those interested in self growth, who want to learn how to take responsibility for their own lives and happiness, and those who desire to understand their patterns, grow beyond them, and transform their lives.

As your Conscious Uncoupling Coach, we will be entering into a partnership: you will no longer be going through this breakup alone.

Using the Conscious Uncoupling book, we will move through the steps together, with me listening and guiding you compassionately to heal, encouraging your forward growth. We’ll adjust the pace as we go through the steps to accommodate your unique needs and situation, in a way that supports your personal healing. We are free to spend more time where it is needed to delve as deep as you desire.

I will be there to support you through the breakdowns and celebrate the breakthroughs, ensuring that you get the most out of each step of the Conscious Uncoupling process.  I will coach you towards the light, every step of the way.

We will work via phone, so it doesn’t matter where you live.

I encourage you to purchase the Conscious Uncoupling book and begin reading now.